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The Art & Power of Delegation

Delegation Ep 1

Episode 1 – In this episode we go straight to the Word to learn from the first leadership consultant in the bible as he advises the busy leader, his son in-law, Moses in the art of delegation and why its so important.

Delegation Ep 1

Episode 2 – Dive deep with us as we get into the ‘how’ of delegation. This episode will help any leader work out when, how and why any successful leader needs to delegate.

Vision – My G.O.D is B.I.G

My God is B.I.G.   My desire is that this series of articles on vision serve as a practical resource for leaders, inspiring them to dream big.   God is BIG. Before we start this series it would be remiss of me to start anywhere else than with Jesus. What God wants to do in…

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In this episode Matt Garner unpacks the concept of initiative. All great leaders possess the quality and understand the power of initiative. God is a God of initiative…think about it, in creation He displayed initiative. ‘While we were still sinners Christ died for us’ or we could say that ‘while we were still sinners Christ showed initiative’. Let’s do a deep dive into how we can be leaders and people who show initiative.