What are E-Connects?

Empower Connects (E-Connects) are Empower Churches version of small groups.

Because we recognise that all people are different, we have based E-Connects on the “Free Market” small group approach. This means we want people to gather together based on the things they enjoy and that are important to them.

From sports groups to lunch groups, mums groups to youth groups, Bible study groups to creative arts groups, our groups are as varied as people are.

Our Purpose

Our model allows people to be equipped, released and serve by utilising their gifts and establishing the Kingdom of God.
Salvation, Empowerment and Mission are the three key focus areas for our small groups which we call ‘E-Connects’.


Empower’s mandate is to bring the good news of the gospel to the world. Ministry happens through ‘the every day’ and not only Sunday’s. This happens as we realise that God has placed unique passions and skills in our lives that can be used to connect people to a loving God through you.


We desire that every believer should be equipped and resourced with the tools necessary to succeed in every sphere of life. If you have a passion to empower marriages, parents, entrepreneurs just to name a few then you may consider hosting an E-Connect that exists to empower & equip people.


Every believer is on mission. Some of our E-Connects are specifically dedicated to the practical outworking of mission locally and globally. Feeding the poor, social justice, national and international mission trips, community transformation projects and the like will be facilitated through our E-Connects.

Vocal Coaching - Wednesdays 7.30 to 8.30 pm

Location: Skype
An interactive and fun environment for anyone of any age who is interested in learning how to sing with strength and correct vocal posture in a healthy way.
Some topics covered include: breath control, vocal folds explained, resonance, vocal posture and note placement, vocal register connection, vocal health etc

Prophetic 101: FULL

Location: Zoom
Week 1: Why the Prophetic
Week 2: Father Heart of God
Week 3: Hearing God's heart
Week 4: Aspects of Prophecy
Week 5: Hindrance to the Prophetic 1
Week 6: Hindrance to the Prophetic 2
Week 7: Honour & Shame
Week 8: Blessing

Cooking - Fortnightly Thursday 7:30 * limited spaces. 8-10

Locations: Doreen/Zoom
Enjoy Cooking, Want to learn something new.

this will be a fun class for people who are passionate about cooking or just for those who want to learn a new skill.
this will be presented via Zoom and in person.
Great time to connect and share some food.

Golf - Saturday 8am

Location: Multiple Locations
9 holes, a laugh & a coffee at the end.

13th June - Yarrambat Park GC fees $28.50
27th June - Bundoora Park GC fees $22
11th July Growling Frog GC fees $30
25th July - Strathallan GC fees $25

Officer Area Bible Study - Tuesdays 7:30pm * limited spaces. 8-10

Location: Officer Area
We will run a (published) bible study emphasise on fellowship light discussion and prayer

Young Couples - Wednesday Nights - 7:30pm * limited spaces. 8-10

Locations: Zoom / Doreen Area
Focus on a range of topics. Building strong relationships, good communication, raising children & teens, a balanced household, while keeping God in the centre.

Biblical Geography - Friday - 7:15pm

Location: Kangaroo Grounds
Take a tour to the Holy Lands. People who are interested in learning more about the geography (towns, regions, climate, terrain, vegetation and agriculture) of the Holy Lands.

Knitting - TBC

Location: Ivanhoe area
A group for those interested in learning and extending their knitting skills. A relaxed atmosphere to wanting a relaxed time for knitting and chatting.

Flemington Bible Study - Tuesdays 7:30pm August * limited spaces. 8-10

Location: Flemington
Relationship, worship, prayer, Word, encouragement

Woven Families - Monday 7:30 (TBC)

Location: Zoom
Inspired by the idea of bringing your family's best by being who God called you to be.
Topics: Week 1: How to do everyday as a Family (Lunches, washing, dinner prep).
Week 2: How to pray for your family (crafted prayer).
Week 3: How do you recharge and connect with God (Health, fitness, hobbies, worship).
Week 4: How to make a home (Interior/styling).
Week 5: How to budget (Think outside the box).
Week 6: Disciplines at Home (Weekly/Daily practices to bring order).
Week 7: Tools for disciplining children (Correction, encouragement, instructions).

Parenting - Evenings starting in July * limited spaces. 8-10

Location: TBC
Parenting brings the richness of joys, emotions , uncertainties and challenges for both parents and kids. We are offering a Group for couples, solo parents and expectant parents a course of 8 sessions based on the video series by Danny Silk ``Loving our Kids on Purpose.`` Group discussion will follow the teaching. The emphasis is on building heart to heart connection with your kids. This fosters qualities of responsibility, respect, love, freedom & self-control.

Prayer / Introduction to Intercession - Tuesday / Wednesday evening * limited spaces. 8-10

Locations: Zoom / Ivanhoe
Do you have an interest in being a part of a Prayer group?
We will start by covering: What is Prayer/Intercession, Committing to a Prayer Group, Building trust and confidentiality, Having a heart to Pray, Coming under Spiritual Authority & more.
Our focus of prayer will change each week but it will NOT be a time of praying for individuals within the group, but rather of things related to our Church and Community.

The Shared Table (Young Adults) - Wednesdays - 6:30pm * limited spaces. 8-10

Location: Doreen
A relaxed and approachable space where we do community by breaking bread together and going deeper in the word. We encourage you to come along and bring a plate to share whilst we socialise by having a meal together. The meal will be followed by a time of worship, prayer and delving into the word. We envision this connect being a place where people can feel at home, be vulnerable and grow in their relationship with God and with his people.

Dance - Thursday 7pm - 9pm

Location: Mitcham
Dance E-Connect, where we will meet to connect with each other using the gift of dance. Learning choreography and just jamming together.

The Blessed Life - Wednesday - 7:30pm

Location: Zoom
Based on Pastor Robert Morris's best-selling book, explores how living a generous life changes every area of your life. You’ll learn about the biblical principles of giving, the obstacles that prevent generosity, and how God blesses you and the world around you when you live generously.
Every participant will need to buy the book - Hardcopy or eBook - and commit to pre-reading and minimal homework for each session.